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Telephone Scam Alert

Board of Nursing (BON or Board) staff were alerted to a fraudulent telephone scheme where nurses are contacted by phone in an effort to obtain money under the pretense that the nurse is under investigation by BON, that money is needed to cover the cost of investigating the nurse, and/or that a fine has been levied against the nurse by the BON which must be paid over the phone using a credit card or other means. Please note that the Board staff will not notify licensees concerning pending disciplinary actions by telephone.

Nurses who are contacted by such an individual should: obtain as much identifying information as possible from the fraudulent caller without providing any credit card or other financial information, as well as the phone number of the caller, if available. Vigilance and appropriate skepticism are key to avoiding falling victim to those who run these scams. If you receive a communication that does not seem quite right, call or email the Board. BON staff will be happy to help you understand whether it is from the Board or a fraudulent communication.

Nurses who think that they may be the victim of a scammer should contact the Enforcement Department for the Board of Nursing at (512) 305-6838 as soon as possible after the call and provide all information concerning the caller.