Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 4/01/2015

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abraham, Sosamma RN 585236Revoked12-Nov-14
Afflerbach, Michael AllenRN 709644Enforced Suspension21-Nov-14
Aguirre, Ricardo LVN 226960Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Ajiboye, Isaac OluwasemiRN 825440 & LVN 216846Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Akas, Sabinus I.RN 638504Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Alanis, Leah AnnetteRN 572173Remedial Education with Fine29-Dec-14
Alewine, Michael JosephRN 593344Enforced Suspension22-Dec-14
Allen, Susan MarieRN 521469Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Allison, Melissa RN 630471Revoked22-Jan-15
Alvarado, Doreen DianeRN 716756 & LVN 171040Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Amstutz, Tyson E.LVN 310880Voluntary Surrender3-Nov-14
Anakani, Victoria ChinyereRN 691597Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Anderson, Amy LynnRN 772602 & LVN 189823Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Anderson, Dana RadellRN 627311Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Anderson, Elizabeth RoseRN 250947Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Anderson, Jessica SharikaLVN 185403Revoked9-Dec-14
Anderson, Mary JoLVN 196704Revoked12-Nov-14
Antoine, Lucinda LyonsRN 735897 & LVN 158968Remedial Education15-Dec-14
Antony, Shini RN 727885Warning with Stipulations, Deferred22-Jan-15
Archer, Evan YancyLVN 208951Revoked12-Nov-14
Arredondo, Melissa DianeLVN 218781Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Austin, Brandon RN 831088Revoked12-Nov-14
Awde, Mohammed KhaledRN 768935Voluntary Surrender25-Nov-14
Bailey, Lekesha LashayLVN 304804Remedial Education, Deferred15-Dec-14
Bailey, Shannon TrueRN 576997Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Bain, Jessica LynnRN 826192Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Baker, Eugena LVN 215273Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Bankong, Ebunola DeborahRN 750602Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Banks, Erica SheaLVN 146317Voluntary Surrender3-Nov-14
Barnes, Alison JillRN 662108Revoked12-Nov-14
Barnes, Lisa MarieRN 670396 & LVN 165687Voluntary Surrender1-Dec-14
Bartlett, Mary KayAP103141 & RN 527769Voluntary Surrender6-Jan-15
Bartose, Joanna MayLVN 177674Revoked12-Nov-14
Bazinet, Alissa AnnLVN 309634Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Beasley, Kristine LynellRN 661927Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Beck, Stephanie MichelleLVN 173736Revoked9-Dec-14
Bemis, Amanda NicoleRN 744803Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Bennefield, Rebekkah JaneLVN 175960Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Benson, Karla DianeRN 613223Remedial Education with Fine4-Nov-14
Benzaquen, Carole L. LarsonRN 220092Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9-Dec-14
Berry, Amber JoyLVN 195403Revoked12-Nov-14
Berry, Doris J.RN 524747 & LVN 89331Voluntary Surrender23-Jan-15
Berry, Jordan ReneeRN 804648Warning with Stipulations, Deferred22-Jan-15
Berry, Natalie AnnRN 837067 & LVN 232892Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12-Nov-14
Billings, Elizabeth MayeRN 249849 & LVN 73690Revoked12-Nov-14
Bingham, Tamara LVN 209619Revoked9-Dec-14
Bishop, Angela DeniseLVN 214081Enforced Suspension20-Jan-15
Bitseedy, Taysha DeloresLVN 199381Remedial Education with Fine22-Dec-14
Bledsoe, Paige BurtonLVN 159080Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Boben, Sarah RN 792239Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Boettcher, Kristina MarieLVN 221912Revoked12-Nov-14
Booker, Krystal LanellLVN 209161Revoked9-Dec-14
Boone, Roseanna LVN 81799Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Bordelon, Lori AnnRN 756467Remedial Education22-Jan-15
Bosquez, Ruth MarizaLVN 218478Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Boullion, Ralph WayneLVN 148460Revoked12-Nov-14
Bou-Rjaily, Lina LVN 219483Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Bowerman, Gretchen MarlowRN 809525 & PTP NC RN 266470Revoked12-Nov-14
Boyce, Cecelia L.LVN 157381Revoked12-Nov-14
Bradfield, Ricky LeeLVN 164655Revoked12-Nov-14
Bradley, Kimberly JoyceRN 787168Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Brandon, Dorothy F.RN 239206Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Bratton, Kimberly KibbyRN 629558Remedial Education with Fine21-Jan-15
Brazier, Abdias LVN 219434Voluntary Surrender14-Jan-15
Brent, Angela RachelleLVN 174300Revoked12-Nov-14
Brones, Dorma BrandonRN 577114 & LVN 123716Limited License30-Dec-14
Brooks, Cheyanne LVN 305202Enforced Suspension12-Nov-14
Brown, David PaulRN 593775Voluntary Surrender11-Dec-14
Brown, Detra TreaudoLVN 319717Enforced Suspension21-Nov-14
Brown, Freda RenaLVN 171989Revoked12-Nov-14
Brown, Jill JeannineLVN 189017Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Brown, Linda DianeLVN 106848Limited License12-Nov-14
Brown, Russell A.RN 616159Remedial Education19-Dec-14
Brown, Samuel AlfrisRN 598089Revoked9-Dec-14
Brown, Stephanie ReneeAP113005 & RN 588594Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Brown, Stephanie ReneeRX 5785Limited - No Controlled Substances22-Jan-15
Brown, Terri JoLVN 140276Revoked12-Nov-14
Broz, Genevieve M.LVN 77867Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Brumlow, Beverly JoanRN 561957Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Bruner, Krystina MichelleRN 823596Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Bryant, Sharon AnnRN 558412 & LVN 82563Remedial Education30-Dec-14
Bryant, Wendy TuckerRN 716151Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Bucey, Michelle LeeRN 604694Revoked12-Nov-14
Burdan, David MichaelLVN 220779Revoked12-Nov-14
Burnley, Sonya LynetteLVN 155368Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Burnup, Jennifer LVN 231925Revoked9-Dec-14
Busaidy, Rukia NizarRN 778588Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12-Nov-14
Butterworth, Elizabeth AnnRN 719459Revoked12-Nov-14
Caceres, Patricia AnnLVN 213040Revoked22-Jan-15
Cajka, Elizabeth A.RN 617988Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Callender, Crystol LynnRN 738137Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Calta, Ashley Elizabeth (Barrett)RN 770078Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Campbell, Obdulia RuizRN 694314Voluntary Surrender10-Dec-14
Canales, John GabrielRN 736982Enforced Suspension4-Dec-14
Cannon, Katrina MarieLVN 147167Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Cardenas, Raul V.LVN 115221Enforced Suspension21-Jan-15
Carrithers, Jessica NicoleLVN 304356Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Casentini, Erika AllisonRN 796949Revoked12-Nov-14
Casner, Michelle RN 643619Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Castillo, Emmanuel RN 768100Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Caudle, Andrea AnnLVN 191237Revoked9-Dec-14
Chaison, Judy AnnLVN 80593Revoked12-Nov-14
Chapman, Davida L.RN 509527Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Chapman, Kami DanielleRN 825708Revoked22-Jan-15
Chavers, Shelly BryantRN 669745Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Chavez, Barbara AnnRN 678089Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Chittum, Pauline A.LVN 53561Voluntary Surrender6-Jan-15
Clark, Karen Cleary LavernLVN 116196Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Clark, Krystal GailLVN 184272Voluntary Surrender10-Nov-14
Claycomb, Sheila KayLVN 193772Revoked12-Nov-14
Cloud, Catherne MachelleLVN 153796Revoked12-Nov-14
Cohen, Holli MarieRN 563905 & LVN 102857Limited License20-Jan-15
Collins, Laura LouiseRN 785492 & PTP NE RN 49268Revoked9-Dec-14
Contreras, Nicole ChristineLVN 201103Revoked12-Nov-14
Copenhaver, Barbara KathrynLVN 215518Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Corser, Teresa MariaRN 539984Revoked12-Nov-14
Cox, Barbara ElizabethRN 658829Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Cramer, Gregory AllanLVN 199260Revoked9-Dec-14
Cratty, Teresa LynnRN 752462Revoked22-Jan-15
Croft, Stephanie SueLVN 167422Revoked12-Nov-14
Croker, Luann (Wright)LVN 171621Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Crow, Traci B.LVN 218216Revoked22-Jan-15
Crowe, Frances RN 675217Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Crump, Kelli Ann (Williams)LVN 190029Revoked12-Nov-14
Cruz, Christine L.RN 597026 & LVN 111784Revoked12-Nov-14
Cser, Kimberly AnneRN 548663Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Daniel, William ToddLVN 207755Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Dannels, Lisa LynellLVN 130083Voluntary Surrender10-Nov-14
Dannheim, Patricia SueRN 557931Revoked12-Nov-14
Davenport, Jessica RN 785965Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Davila, Rosemary RN 622883Voluntary Surrender6-Nov-14
Davis, Barbara ElaineLVN 220724Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Davis, Eddie DeanRN 718009Voluntary Surrender10-Nov-14
Davis, Imogene KayLVN 69266Revoked12-Nov-14
Davis, Kimberlee AP105403 & RN 523029Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Davis, Pamela K.RN 249606 & LVN 79348Remedial Education with Fine30-Dec-14
Davis, Tasha MarieLVN 225213Revoked12-Nov-14
Davis, Vickie MarieLVN 149427Revoked9-Dec-14
Davis, Yolonda PatresRN 732269Revoked12-Nov-14
Deguzman, Sherwin OliverosRN 753892Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Dennis, Patricia D.RN 630596 & LVN 142129Revoked12-Nov-14
Dereadt, Tammie DianeRN 583713Voluntary Surrender12-Nov-14
Detherow, Sharri LVN 135210Remedial Education4-Dec-14
Dhingra, Raj K.RN 452293Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Dich, Sharon LynneRN 682819Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Dickerson, Karen DeniseRN 664606Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Dimanochie, Ejike ChibuikeLVN 214664Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Dobson, Crystal ShontalRN 810192Remedial Education, Deferred15-Dec-14
Domec, Sasha LynnRN 838194 & LVN 220728Remedial Education, Deferred13-Nov-14
Dorsey, Janet LeighLVN 182398Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Dowson, Edna (G.) (Bailey)RN 521765 & LVN 61261Limited License26-Jan-15
Dowson, Edna (G.) (Bailey)AP112383 & RX 6249Voluntary Surrender26-Jan-15
Drain, Teena MarieLVN 137589Enforced Suspension12-Nov-14
Du, Vinh TungRN 804377Remedial Education15-Jan-15
Dudley, Janice MarieRN 763684Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Duncan, Aleasha AnnLVN 175450Revoked12-Nov-14
Dunmore, Richard LVN 111575Revoked12-Nov-14
Earls, Loyce MarieRN 558610 & LVN 104933Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Eden, Brandy JoLVN 188988Voluntary Surrender23-Dec-14
Edwards, Mary BelleLVN 195426Remedial Education7-Jan-15
Eller, Shirley JeanRN 536629Remedial Education7-Jan-15
Elliott, Amanda AnnLVN 177089Revoked9-Dec-14
Ellis, Albert JayRN 755757Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Ellsworth, Deborah JaneLVN 166168Revoked12-Nov-14
Enloe, Ricky E.RN 256348Voluntary Surrender26-Jan-15
Ervin, Misty ElizabethLVN 197881Revoked12-Nov-14
Esonwune, Uzoamaka PhoebeRN 699621 & LVN 178479Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Evans, Cheryl M.RN 635450 & LVN 133725Revoked12-Nov-14
Evans, Crystal LynnLVN 228762Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Ferguson, Mary HelenLVN 140030Voluntary Surrender24-Nov-14
Fields, Joshua LeeRN 791414Voluntary Surrender18-Dec-14
Fife, Sabrina LouRN 702069Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Fisher, Deborah MaeRN 535788Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Fisher II, James AndrewsRN 835471Enforced Suspension16-Dec-14
Floyd, John B.RN 801952Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9-Dec-14
Fonseca, Maria G.LVN 202218Remedial Education4-Nov-14
Ford, Joshua ChanceLVN 222674Voluntary Surrender14-Jan-15
Foreman, Angela GailLVN 161311Revoked12-Nov-14
Foreman, Camellia AnnRN 770824Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9-Dec-14
Foster, Niki Dawn (Bratton)RN 820405Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Franklin, Sharon LynneRN 243749Voluntary Surrender8-Jan-15
Franks, Martha AnnLVN 144193Revoked12-Nov-14
Freitas, Hugh MichaelRN 699699Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Fuson, Karen O. (Elizabeth Ogden) (McNeely)LVN 161241Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Galloway, Joseph RussellRN 821702Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Garcia, Jessica ReneeRN 787971Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Garcia, Luis HectorLVN 182421Suspend/Probate9-Dec-14
Garcia, Rosalba LVN 225075Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Garza, Jr., Andy RN 709661Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Gehlhaar, Tiffany RN 646744Revoked9-Dec-14
Gelai, Selamawit SemereRN 798215Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Gellner, Lonnie AP120173 & RN 717692Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Geneba, Okike RN 726361Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Gentry, Kristi RN 693505Revoked9-Dec-14
Gerow, Carrie LynnRN 644103Revoked12-Nov-14
Giusti, Lisa GayLVN 198008Revoked9-Dec-14
Gobert, Tennis LukeLVN 196134Remedial Education6-Nov-14
Godines, Jeanette ELVN 96723Remedial Education19-Nov-14
Goff, Deanna Galynn (Stephens)RN 555784 & LVN 121882Revoked12-Nov-14
Goldsmith, Gregory P.AP113683 & RN 616326Voluntary Surrender20-Jan-15
Goldsmith, Sharon RuthLVN 132027Remedial Education30-Dec-14
Gonzales, Katherine ReneeLVN 136721Revoked9-Dec-14
Gonzalez, Trevor JohnRN 762840 & LVN 170933Remedial Education with Fine9-Dec-14
Goodpasture, Belinda StoryLVN 171183Revoked9-Dec-14
Gorom, Jennifer AnnRN 754465 & LVN 208033Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Graves, Laquina ReneaLVN 199485Revoked9-Dec-14
Gray, Deborah E.RN 533808Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Grimaldo, Laura CarminaRN 716018Enforced Suspension22-Jan-15
Guillory, Janice MarieRN 679293 & LVN 149526Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Gulley, Barbara J.RN 612736Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Gunnels, Marjorie KayRN 713262Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Guynes, Jaedi XanLVN 221166Revoked12-Nov-14
Haastrup, Isaac AdekunleLVN 222814Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Hagstad, David HarryRN 691565Revoked12-Nov-14
Haley, Helen RuthLVN 156345Voluntary Surrender15-Dec-14
Halpine, Christopher M.LVN 216927Revoked12-Nov-14
Hamilton, Rebecca K.RN 741663Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Hanus, Elizabeth AnneLVN 136753Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Harless, Pamela DaneseRN 738359Enforced Suspension14-Nov-14
Harrell, Mary A.AP102677 & RN 505447Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Harrington, Geraldine A.RN 574854Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Harris, Gabe RN 792113Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Harris, Leah LillianLVN 209487Remedial Education with Fine21-Jan-15
Harrison, Melissa GailRN 753461Revoked12-Nov-14
Hastings, Renee DeniseRN 688518 & LVN 160155Revoked9-Dec-14
Hawkins, Kimberly DianeRN 720827 & LVN 195491Remedial Education3-Dec-14
Hawkins, Rhonda JeanRN 554630 & LVN 106715Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Heider, Christina LeighLVN 188187Revoked12-Nov-14
Heitland, Alice LouiseRN 731941Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Hembree, Brinda SueRN 595077Remedial Education with Fine29-Jan-15
Hemingway, Cathy AnnRN 583030 & LVN 90522Voluntary Surrender9-Dec-14
Henley, Vicki GayLVN 108553Revoked22-Jan-15
Hennigh, Terra ShareeLVN 232863Revoked12-Nov-14
Henriques-Iverson, Merces RN 598193Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Herrera, Adam RN 781027Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Herrera, Irma RomeroRN 585766Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Herring, Cedric VerachaiRN 852872Revoked12-Nov-14
Hicks, Sonja LachelleLVN 308644Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Hidalgo, James SeanRN 685263Revoked9-Dec-14
Hill, Evette EvaLVN 180381Remedial Education with Fine7-Jan-15
Hines, Carrie Mae HoltLVN 33453Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Hintz, Sean JosephAP108060 & RN 577649Suspend/Probate9-Dec-14
Ho, Mandy Shiu ManRN 595149Remedial Education with Fine15-Dec-14
Hoagland, Ruthann NoahRN 660975Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Hoffart, Amber ElizabethRN 738659Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Holey, Jennifer J.AP111565 & RN 608109Revoked9-Dec-14
Hollan, Denise KayLVN 232305Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Hood, Dolly MelissaLVN 171528Remedial Education with Fine6-Jan-15
Hood, Lisa KayRN 252382Remedial Education, Deferred30-Dec-14
Hood, Theresa MarieLVN 152246Voluntary Surrender10-Nov-14
Hoogendyk, Norma J.RN 611100Revoked12-Nov-14
Hornsby, Patsy MarieRN 551416 & LVN 121607Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Horton, Crystal AnnetteLVN 136790Revoked12-Nov-14
Horton, Sarah MelissaRN 507939Revoked9-Dec-14
Hutchings, Glinda SueLVN 100832Revoked12-Nov-14
Hutchinson, Treasia AnnLVN 212890Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Ibarra, Melissa RN 826084Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Idio, Mary SolomonLVN 190466Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Ifemedebe, Nkemdilim UchennaRN 725965 & LVN 151720Remedial Education30-Dec-14
Ingram, Heather LeighLVN 169031Enforced Suspension10-Nov-14
Isaac, Lukeysha DoorayRN 786910Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Isbell, Robert GrantRN 659024Remedial Education with Fine12-Jan-15
Jackson, Beverly M.RN 501193 & LVN 60426Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Jackson, Dawn LVN 184993Revoked22-Jan-15
Jackson, Jamelia SadeRN 816785Enforced Suspension11-Dec-14
Jackson, Rhett RN 620039 & LVN 148801Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Jafari, Alta HalbertRN 795757Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Jaramillo, Roman JeremyRN 836138Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Johnsgard, Patricia A.RN 540634Remedial Education, Deferred17-Dec-14
Jones, Barry L.RN 500380Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Jones, Patricia A.AP102250 & RN 525805Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Jones, Tanya SueLVN 106424Revoked12-Nov-14
Jones, Winifred J.LVN 174293Revoked9-Dec-14
Kahsai, Vanessa AsmaraRN 785681Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Kellough, Lindsay AnnLVN 222252Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Kennedy, Jennifer KayLVN 212490Remedial Education with Fine23-Jan-15
Kenny, Deborah JeanRN 439481Remedial Education with Fine1-Dec-14
King, Etta HuffakerRN 572276Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
King, Gwendolyn ReneRN 660931Enforced Suspension22-Jan-15
Kinslow, Jr., Larry NathanLVN 187967Revoked12-Nov-14
Kipp, Jr., Ronald JamesRN 664416Revoked12-Nov-14
Kirksey, Jon JayRN 577783 & LVN 131006Revoked12-Nov-14
Konecny, Nancy K.LVN 52415Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Krzyowski, Michelle ElaineRN 742885Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9-Dec-14
Kubheka, Buyisiwe MildredRN 683499Voluntary Surrender12-Jan-15
Kuehne, Jana PriceRN 729620Warning with Stipulations, Deferred22-Jan-15
Landrum, Paul RN 641338Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Lara, Donna LynneLVN 170797Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Lara, Mario RN 658190Revoked12-Nov-14
Lasister, Jacqueline LouiseRN 519637Remedial Education29-Dec-14
Lavine, Willie JamesLVN 198293Revoked12-Nov-14
Lawrence, Marcie RN 740981Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Leaton, Michelle DawnRN 692541 & LVN 173296Revoked12-Nov-14
Lechner, Misty DawnLVN 176468Remedial Education29-Dec-14
Lee, Bridget AnnaRN 804459Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Lee, Stephanie NicolleRN 834341 & LVN 225935Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Lemeilleur, Rita LorraineRN 738956 & LVN 154482Enforced Suspension12-Nov-14
Lister, Jandon ZakiyaLVN 314095Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Lomboy, Rachel CabralRN 740818Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Long, Adam BlytheRN 798347Revoked22-Jan-15
Long, Lana SueRN 702314Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Lopez, Veronica LVN 197789Enforced Suspension16-Dec-14
Lozano, Lisa RN 780238 & LVN 185191Remedial Education, Deferred18-Dec-14
Lozano, Vanessa RN 813953Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Lucio, Crystal AnnLVN 218414Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Lumpkin, Michael GlennLVN 207453Voluntary Surrender18-Nov-14
Lyles, Priscilla E.RN 232847Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Machado, Cynthia LVN 311536Remedial Education with Fine21-Jan-15
Maddison, Shay LynnRN 724393 & LVN 199593Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Magallanes, Demetria RebecaRN 732017Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Manceaux, Cathy LynnRN 572719Voluntary Surrender28-Jan-15
Manners, Ann ReaganAP115375 & RN 607630Voluntary Surrender29-Dec-14
Marett, Leah SuzanneRN 555039Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Marney, Shannan PaulLVN 129659Remedial Education with Fine4-Nov-14
Marquez, Alejandro RN 769812Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Marsh, Latoya HelenaRN 842885Remedial Education, Deferred3-Nov-14
Marshall, Connie ChambleeRN 730240Revoked12-Nov-14
Martin, Karen ElaineRN 583791 & LVN 121738Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Martin, Traci LeighLVN 179972Revoked9-Dec-14
Martin, Tyrell JamarisLVN 224681Revoked9-Dec-14
Martinez, Shane LeeLVN 161426Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Masters, Kristin LynnRN 821044Revoked22-Jan-15
Mathew, Jestine RN 732530Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Mayes, Metrice MashanLVN 150304Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Mayo, Lisa DiannaLVN 202929Revoked12-Nov-14
McBean, Jamila AkilahLVN 207191Voluntary Surrender23-Jan-15
McBride, Mikel Sai (Alvis)LVN 316255Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
McCollough, Catherine MaryLVN 162867Revoked12-Nov-14
McCord, Karen KayRN 797145Revoked22-Jan-15
McCreary, Kimberly Lynne MayRN 574315Revoked22-Jan-15
McDaris, Bethany MarloRN 601536 & LVN 138403Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
McDonald, Jeffrey LayneLVN 189108Revoked12-Nov-14
McGuire, Jamie DavisLVN 154360Revoked9-Dec-14
McKeel, Erin MarieLVN 216522Revoked9-Dec-14
McKinney, Anetrah ShontaLVN 313995Suspend/Probate9-Dec-14
McLean, Valarie AnnRN 780043Revoked12-Nov-14
McManus, Kal BradleyRN 749849Remedial Education12-Dec-14
McMerrell, Megan NicoleRN 732480Voluntary Surrender7-Jan-15
McRae, Tina MashelleLVN 207128Revoked12-Nov-14
McWhorter, Joanne FrancesRN 234022Revoked12-Nov-14
Meadows, Patricia CamilleAP113260 & RN 232506Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Menchaca, David L.RN 716075Revoked9-Dec-14
Mendoza, Jose LuisLVN 226000Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Metze, Jennifer CarolRN 827035Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Meyer, Natalie MarieRN 827436Voluntary Surrender13-Jan-15
Miles, Patricia AnnLVN 125491Remedial Education with Fine16-Jan-15
Millender, Cheryl AnnAP111500 & RN 539394Remedial Education with Fine19-Dec-14
Mills, Robin AubreyLVN 205303Remedial Education4-Dec-14
Mitton, Kimberly J.LVN 100300Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Molett, Brenda LouiseLVN 94081Revoked9-Dec-14
Moody, Alisa MarieLVN 229803Revoked22-Jan-15
Moore, Beth A.RN 517635Enforced Suspension5-Nov-14
Moore, Laura LynnRN 559193Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Moore, Linda JuneRN 634878Remedial Education21-Jan-15
Moore, Tonya MarieRN 720334Revoked9-Dec-14
Moreno, Martha EliaRN 605742 & LVN 146051Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Morton, Clydia LVN 114402Revoked9-Dec-14
Moz, Rosa MariaLVN 138795Remedial Education with Fine19-Dec-14
Munoz, Erica LVN 218623Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Musa, Watta GraceRN 590695 & LVN 139558Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Mussa, Ali RN 774146 & LVN 161938Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Mwanja, Melody MudendaRN 807828Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Neathery, Colleen KayRN 250824Enforced Suspension12-Nov-14
Nelson, John LanceRN 733671Voluntary Surrender7-Nov-14
Nesloney, Susan K.LVN 168521Revoked9-Dec-14
Newbill, Chandra DanaeLVN 185283Revoked12-Nov-14
Njie, Nwaeju O.RN 602985Suspend/Probate9-Dec-14
Nnamani, Michael ChuksRN 783641Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Norvell, Brandi Michelle LloydRN 695317 & LVN 165950Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Nwanguma, Juliet NnennaRN 739687Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Oaks, Sariah MichelleRN 717213 & LVN 186518Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Ogunde, Olubunmi AnnaRN 825517 & LVN 225614Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Olivares, Silvia SalomeRN 764781Voluntary Surrender13-Jan-15
Olivera, Julie Ann (Treadaway)RN 823972Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Omweno, Ruth BochereLVN 229428Remedial Education, Deferred19-Nov-14
Onwumere, Jacinta OgadimmaLVN 302507Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Opara, Immaculata AdammaRN 707386 & LVN 176572Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Osabutey, Badiana EfuaRN 773554Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Pace, Cheryl A.RN 526411Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Pacheco, Ricardo MiguelLVN 196524Voluntary Surrender12-Jan-15
Pack, Wanda LynnLVN 98386Revoked12-Nov-14
Pallesen, Rhonda KayLVN 199420Revoked12-Nov-14
Parcher, Kay EliseRN 832645Limited License9-Dec-14
Parenti, Linda FayeRN 581043Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Parker, Rebecca LynetteRN 675704 & LVN 149532Suspend/Probate22-Jan-15
Parks, Amy NoelLVN 193409Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Patrick, Mickie MichelleLVN 179788Voluntary Surrender15-Dec-14
Patterson, Anjanette D.LVN 187478Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Patterson, Donna J.RN 243316Remedial Education with Fine5-Jan-15
Payton, Darryl S.RN 545174Revoked12-Nov-14
Peebles, Toby LeeLVN 231883Revoked9-Dec-14
Peninah, Loise NjeriRN 774805Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Pennington, Beverly GailRN 780821Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12-Nov-14
Peoples, Sherry RenaeRN 709208Revoked12-Nov-14
Peralta, Esther RN 792171Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Perez, Alice LVN 132368Suspend/Probate8-Dec-14
Perez, Armando JamesLVN 197598Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Perez, Teodoro LVN 224229Revoked9-Dec-14
Perryman, Angela DeniseLVN 111870Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Philippus, Annette Bishop (McFadin)LVN 149736Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Phillips, Steven RN 644221Remedial Education20-Jan-15
Phillips, Teddie E.RN 619763Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Pink, Selia EllenRN 456522Revoked12-Nov-14
Porter, Deidre WilliamsRN 815506Revoked12-Nov-14
Porter, Sherry LynnLVN 108766Revoked12-Nov-14
Price, Helen JoyceLVN 218984Remedial Education with Fine14-Nov-14
Pullen, Juli A.RN 626097Revoked9-Dec-14
Putman, Lauren DemiLVN 302061Remedial Education24-Nov-14
Quain, Melissa ReneeRN 791927Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Quick, Karen LynnRN 640795Revoked9-Dec-14
Quinones, Jose RN 739064Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Radicke, Angela BandaRN 774208Enforced Suspension22-Jan-15
Ralston, Tracy DeniseLVN 187366Revoked22-Jan-15
Ramirez-Boling, Marilyn LVN 196810Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Rasmussen, Debra KayRN 680321Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Reed, Charlotte A.RN 761796Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Reed, Tammy KnutsonLVN 146429Revoked12-Nov-14
Reeves, Sarah EmilyRN 808433Voluntary Surrender29-Dec-14
Regert, Deborah EliseRN 817388Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Reiley, Kimberly AnnLVN 97175Remedial Education with Fine4-Nov-14
Reyes, Teresa ElaineRN 719388Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Reyna, Oscar LVN 205433Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Reyna, Ricardo Jesus (Rivera)RN 736099Voluntary Surrender2-Jan-15
Reynolds, Kristin MarieLVN 165574Remedial Education with Fine17-Nov-14
Richards, Shelly KayRN 666421Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Rico, Michele ReneeRN 631047Voluntary Surrender5-Dec-14
Riojas, Aixa RN 694418Remedial Education22-Jan-15
Rios, Eva DeliaRN 809391Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Ritzou, Kathy ScofeliaLVN 93979Revoked9-Dec-14
Robbins, Brent RandolphLVN 201741Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Robeau, Kymberly GallandAP119638 & RN 791214Revoked9-Dec-14
Roberts, Rochelle YvonneLVN 314786Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Robins, Caron SueRN 689116Revoked12-Nov-14
Rodney, Deana LynnRN 584259Revoked12-Nov-14
Rose, Elliott CaseyRN 838897 & LVN 307562Revoked9-Dec-14
Ross, Darlene AnnRN 789125Reprimand with Stipulations2-Dec-14
Rowley, Johnnie M.LVN 148955Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Ruiz, Christie BlairLVN 192699Revoked9-Dec-14
Ruiz, Jr., Ernest A.RN 681026Remedial Education with Fine22-Dec-14
Ruiz, Karina LunaLVN 195146Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Ruizdevelasco, Carole LeeRN 833555Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Sagebiel, Jamie AP121011 & RN 648038Revoked22-Jan-15
Sales, Theresa LVN 230993Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Salinas, Maricela M.LVN 301375Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Salinas, Michelle LynnLVN 306522Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Sanchez, Edson ReneRN 802570Warning with Stipulations, Deferred22-Jan-15
Sanchez, Lucas LVN 85891Revoked9-Dec-14
Sanchez, Nada ReneeLVN 169697Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Sandifer, Michelle Maria (Sandifer-Lawrence)RN 754707 & LVN 171111Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Sarmiento, Dalia LVN 163152Remedial Education with Fine19-Dec-14
Sawyers, Candice RN 640963Remedial Education7-Nov-14
Schmitt, Marcene MosettRN 746885Revoked9-Dec-14
Schroeder, Hannah JunevelynRN 806032Remedial Education19-Dec-14
Schubert, Bonnie JeanRN 669956Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Schultz, Douglas BradfordLVN 163385Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Scoville, David R.LVN 166123Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Seaman, Thomas J.LVN 79301Revoked9-Dec-14
Sellers, Cheryl LynnRN 743044 & LVN 172443Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Sensat, Alisha JeneeRN 776559Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Sestock, Erin E.RN 761763Remedial Education22-Jan-15
Setliff, Alisa LynetteLVN 168289Remedial Education with Fine14-Jan-15
Shaffer, Sharon LeeLVN 205814Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Sharpless, Beth BrewtonRN 578764Limited License9-Dec-14
Shriver, Kay LynRN 669558Revoked12-Nov-14
Simmons, Jamika GayleLVN 225127Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Simon, Peggy FayeLVN 114702Revoked9-Dec-14
Simpson, Kaynell RN 596892Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Skinner, Anquinette L.LVN 203521Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Skinner, Brittani RN 736102Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Slann III, Leonard JosephAP119863 & RN 708315Remedial Education with Fine29-Dec-14
Smith, Christin LynLVN 194461Revoked22-Jan-15
Smith, Dara LynnRN 812322Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Smith, Geraldine ColeLVN 49903Revoked9-Dec-14
Smith, Harlan EugeneRN 632764Voluntary Surrender24-Nov-14
Smith, Jessica LynnLVN 232761Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Smith, Tammy RaeLVN 159992Revoked9-Dec-14
Sollberger, Debbie AnnLVN 174555Revoked12-Nov-14
Somers III, Rudy LVN 314729Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
South, Maryann LVN 232147Revoked9-Dec-14
Spencer, Carin MarieLVN 175238Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Spencer, Marie BlakelyLVN 215363Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Spraberry, Shelly DawnRN 798114 & LVN 191705Remedial Education13-Nov-14
Springstead, Shanna MarieLVN 301345Remedial Education24-Nov-14
Stallings, Laci LeaRN 718559Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Stark, Judy MarieLVN 56734Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Stephney, Yolanda MachelLVN 216173Revoked22-Jan-15
Sterling, Barbara LynnRN 726285 & LVN 169742Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Stiles, Kenneth JamesRN 573783Voluntary Surrender5-Dec-14
Stilwell, Clinton PayneRN 584668Suspend/Probate9-Dec-14
Strahan, Latonisha RN 647575Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Stuart, Glen A.RN 500739Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Suarez, Jaime BautistaRN 652138Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Suazo, Orven FielRN 734276Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Suksta, Patricia RN 766892 & LVN 194757Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Summey, Vivian JoRN 629119Remedial Education with Fine11-Dec-14
Surley, Arnold LeroyRN 843756Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Sursa, Gina BrookeLVN 207959Revoked12-Nov-14
Sutton, Hayley LVN 207636Revoked12-Nov-14
Talley, Philip DuaneRN 717298Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Tamez, Martha ElenaLVN 187054Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Taylor, Carlton LloydRN 705622Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Taylor, Renee SuzanneRN 688020Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Tays, Antonio RN 681792 & LVN 156537Remedial Education with Fine5-Jan-15
Tchouanguep, Danielle FloreRN 818063Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Teng, Swee Lan RN 803164Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Throckmorton, Deborah RN 755572 & LVN 168670Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Tobola, Jaime LynneRN 764643Revoked22-Jan-15
Torres, Delia RN 694737 & LVN 118786Voluntary Surrender24-Nov-14
Torres, Maria RN 775088Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Torres, Sara ElenaRN 787794 & LVN 175505Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
True, Jared ClaytonLVN 219232Revoked9-Dec-14
Truly, Shelli RuthRN 537926Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Tshoba, Mwadi MarieLVN 233447Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Tucker, Leslie AnnRN 686242Revoked9-Dec-14
Van Winkle, Connie LindaRN 578706Revoked9-Dec-14
Vanhook, Lamisha LynnLVN 192241Reprimand with Stipulations22-Jan-15
Vankirk, Michael GaylordLVN 213279Revoked9-Dec-14
Vara, Estella DianeLVN 115671Revoked12-Nov-14
Vargas, Donald DavidRN 795958 & LVN 202969Remedial Education31-Dec-14
Varin, Christopher AdamRN 782418Enforced Suspension4-Dec-14
Vasquez, Antonio ArturoRN 742727Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Vasquez, Gerardo LVN 312613Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Vilar, Phillip JosephAP116535 & RN 686634Remedial Education with Fine12-Nov-14
Vincent, Alisa WingerterRN 726660Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Vinson, Freida CooleyRN 238318 & LVN 54522Revoked12-Nov-14
Walker, Christina MaeRN 733322Warning with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Walker, Stephen DaleRN 662642Enforced Suspension29-Dec-14
Walston, Tracy LeaRN 588656 & LVN 101854Suspend/Probate12-Nov-14
Walters, Lindsay RuthRN 863198Voluntary Surrender18-Dec-14
Weeks, Brandi CharleneLVN 195993Revoked22-Jan-15
White, Pamela S.RN 772271Voluntary Surrender31-Jan-15
Whitehead, Hailey ReneeLVN 309458Voluntary Surrender18-Nov-14
Whitmire, Karen J.LVN 98880Voluntary Surrender30-Jan-15
Wilcox, Eraida RN 777212 & LVN 195268Revoked12-Nov-14
Williams, Hilda MarieLVN 123207Reprimand with Stipulations12-Nov-14
Williams, Marla BethRN 638494Revoked12-Nov-14
Winkleman, Terry PaulLVN 187431Revoked12-Nov-14
Winstead, Sarah RheaRN 823460Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Witherspoon, Shirley AnnRN 234113Limited License9-Dec-14
Wolf, Cheryl R.RN 541926 & LVN 105463Reprimand with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Womack, Crystal DawnLVN 163361Revoked12-Nov-14
Wooden, Monika Lafaye McCoyLVN 170264Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Woods, Eleanor I.AP102953 & RN 250483Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Woolfolk, Jamel E.LVN 190647Voluntary Surrender16-Jan-15
Woolverton, Karen MichelleLVN 174727Voluntary Surrender6-Jan-15
Yanez, Manuel LibradoLVN 178473Revoked12-Nov-14
Ybarra, Jessica AnnLVN 174997Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Yesian, Kathleen EstherLVN 132550Voluntary Surrender17-Dec-14
Young, Bridgett ArleneLVN 111439Warning with Stipulations9-Dec-14
Yzquierdo, Juan RicardoRN 548881 & LVN 120791Revoked12-Nov-14
Zacharias, Kerry J.RN 732636 & LVN 194992Warning with Stipulations22-Jan-15