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Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Provider Application

Under 22 Tex. Admin. Code §217.4(b) and §217.5(b), qualified individuals or entities may apply to become approved Credential Evaluation Service (CES) providers (“CES Provider Applicant”) for the Texas Board of Nursing (the “Board” or “BON”). Participation is open to all individuals or entities that meet the minimum criteria set forth in the Board’s Application and Board rules. There are no associated application fees required. All fees incurred for credential evaluation services will be paid for by individual license applicants. There is no monetary consideration for being an approved CES provider.

In order to become a Board-approved CES provider, the Applicant must meet all the criteria set forth in 22 Tex. Admin. Code §217.4(b) and §217.5(b). In the event of any conflict between the Application and the aforementioned Board rules, the Board rules will control.

The CES Provider Applicant must complete the form(s) and affidavit required by the Board, submit all required documentation, and receive approval from the Board before providing a CES report for Board consideration. The Board will maintain a list of approved CES providers on its website.

The Application to become an approved CES Provider may be accessed here: Texas Board of Nursing Credential Evaluation (CES) Provider Application