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E-Prescribing Waiver Form Available

House Bill (HB) 2174, enacted during the 86th Legislative Session (2019), requires prescriptions for controlled substances to be issued electronically after January 1, 2021, unless certain specified exceptions apply. One of the specified statutory exceptions provides for a waiver process. Pursuant to the Texas Health & Safety Code §481.0755 and §481.0756, a prescriber may issue a non-electronic prescription for a controlled substance if the prescriber has received a waiver from the prescriber’s respective licensing agency.


Texas Health and Safety Code §481.0756 authorizes a waiver from the e-prescribing requirement under the following circumstances: economic hardship; technological limitations not reasonably within the control of the prescriber; or other exceptional circumstances demonstrated by the prescriber. APRNs who meet the requirements for exemption and wish to request a waiver may access the waiver through the Texas Nurse Portal. The application is found under “Other Applications” and is titled “Request for Waiver—E-prescribing for Controlled Substances.