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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Updates

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP) has been updated with new features as a result of funding provided following the 86th legislative session. Among the new features is NarxCare®, an advanced analytic and patient support tool. NarxCare® will aggregate and analyze prescription information from providers and pharmacies and present visual, interactive information, as well as advanced analytic insights, machine learning risk scores and more to help physicians, pharmacists and care teams to provide better patient safety and outcomes up front, for every patient, every time. NarxCare® also provides tools and resources that support patients’ needs and connects them to treatment, when appropriate. To learn more about NarxCare®, please visit: https://www.pharmacy.texas.gov/PMP/Narxcare.asp

Another significant enhancement is the ability for the PMP to integrate directly with any electronic health record(EHR). While many EHRs have already integrated the PMP, some have not. In order to request integration, providers should request their current EHR vendor to contact the PMP Vendor to request statewide integration. For complete information and instructions, please visit the Texas State Board of Pharmacy webpage on Texas PMP Statewide Integration at: https://www.pharmacy.texas.gov/PMP/PMPIntegration.asp