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Beware of Scammers Using Falsified Documents

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has been made aware of attempted scams directed at nurses where scammers use falsified BON and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) documents to intimidate victims in an effort to have money sent to bank accounts outside of the United States.  Methods used by the scammers often include: 

  • making an allegation against the nurse’s license, usually involving prescriptive authority;
  • threatening action against the nurse’s license(s) unless the nurse responds immediately;
  • sending multiple fake documents from the BON, DEA, or both agencies;
  • requesting that the nurse send a large amount of money as a “security bond” via a wire transfer money to an international bank account; and
  • requiring the nurse to abide by a “protocol” or other requirements where the nurse must remain silent about the investigation or they will face further consequences or penalties.
Advanced practice registered nurses with National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers have been targeted frequently using one or more elements of this scam.  Scammers will often inform the nurse that some type of incident occurred where the nurse’s NPI number was used, illegal prescriptions were “reported”, and the agencies alleged to be looking into the incident will keep the investigation quiet if the nurse sends money (cash or wire transfer) or agrees to meet at a neutral location to discuss the situation further.

Nurses contacted by such an individual should:

The BON routinely uses certified and regular mail to conduct investigations and always includes the name and contact information of the investigator, including the investigator’s email address and direct dial phone number.  The BON never asks for or requires funds to be sent or submitted by wire or bank transfer.