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Initial Licensure and Recognition Forms - Affidavit of Graduation - Vocational Nurse


The affidavit of graduation verifies that the applicant successfully completed all requirements for completion of graduation from an approved vocational nursing program as stated in Rule 214.9 of the Rules of the Texas Board of Nursing. This application cannot be notarized prior to the date of completion/graduation date.

By signing this document you are acknowledging this is a legal document and understand that it is a violation of the 22 Texas Administrative Code, §§ 217.12 (6)(H) and the Penal Code, sec 37.10, to submit a false statement to a government agency.

This application must be completed by the Director of the Nursing Program only. The signature of other persons such as associate deans, program coordinators, or faculty members will not be accepted unless the Board has received official notification from the governing institution’s administration that another nurse on the faculty has been given the authority to sign for the director, the length of time that the signature authority is valid, and a sample of the authorized person’s signature.

Please note this Paper Affidavit of Graduation form is only to be used if you have been directed to complete it by Texas Board of Nursing Staff. Otherwise you must use the Online AOG Process.