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Education - Types/Definitions


Formal Education Programs for Students

Go to the formal education section to help you choose a college/university nursing education program to become a nurse.

Continuing Nursing Education & Competency for Practicing Nurses

Renewing a license requires 20 contact hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) every two years for relicensure.

Refresher Courses for Out of Practice Nurses

If you have not renewed your license and it is delinquent or if you have been out of the practice of nursing for over four years, there are additional educational requirements called refresher courses.

Refresher Courses are programs designed to update knowledge of current nursing theory and clinical practice to ensure competence of nurses re-entering vocational, professional, or advanced nursing practice. The courses, comprised of didactic and clinical components, may be completed in an educational setting, as part of an extensive orientation program, or by completion of a nursing program of study specific to re-entry to nursing practice. Although the Texas Board of Nursing does not approve Refresher Courses, Board rules mandate that a six-month temporary permit be obtained prior to an individual engaging in any clinical learning experiences. Course content and percentage of time assigned to content areas are set forth by Board rules. For further information, please see Rule 217.6, Failure to Renew License and Rule 217.9, Inactive and Retired Status.

Remediation Education Required by the Board of Nursing

If you have been through the Texas Board of Nursing's (BON's) disciplinary process, you are required by a stipulation letter to take remedial education courses.

Remedial Education courses are designed to meet sanctions imposed by Board issued Agreed Orders. The courses may consist of didactic content, clinical learning experiences, or both didactic and clinical instruction. The courses contain essential elements described in each Agreed Order and address an individual nurse's competency deficiencies. The Texas Board of Nursing offers Remedial Education workshops and approves other providers as well as instructors. For further information, please see:

Please note: CNE Credit will not be awarded for BON stipulated courses.