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Initial Licensure and Recognition Forms - Nurse Database Electronic File Order


Nurse Database Electronic File Order

The complete electronic list of the Registered Nurse database OR the Licensed Vocational Nurse database OR the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse database contains nurses who have been issued a license in Texas. The options, by listing, are the entire database or only Currently Licensed Nurses. Each database is split into a set of files containing 60,000 records or less per file. The files are pipe delimited, fix length, text based and sorted by last name. The files can be imported/loaded, searched and manipulated using standard PC software (Excel, Lotus, Word, Word Perfect). The best sources of information on how to perform these function is your software reference manual or help menu item within the software application. ***Note: The Texas Attorney General's office has ruled that dates of birth are no longer releasable. This column has been been redacted on the form.***

The database and a copy of the file layout will be mailed (via FedEx) to you on a CD-ROM. Due to the size and quantity of the files, the Board will not email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) the files. FTP is the standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host (computer) to another host over a TCP-based network (TCP is transmission control protocol, which is used to move files between computers on the World Wide Web and to deliver email).

Download PDF Form: Electronic Nurse File Order Form